About the Author

This exuberant photo was taken by my friend, Michael Guidry. He captured me.

Two friends—both superb writers—wrote blurbs for the book which tell you just about all you need to know about me.

Limina is about the human impact of ordinary secrets, and about the power of love to unite and divide us. Alberta has a historian’s skill and a confidant’s warmth and honesty and the result is an engaging and inspiring personal journey, across thresholds of time and culture, first away from her origins, then back again, as she seeks to unlock the silences that shaped her life, and to leave those doors open for generations to come. Karen Fisher. Author of A Sudden Country

Alberta Weinberg has given us a memoir that is every writer’s greatest dare: to journey back to the beginning. In Alberta’s case, this means following the trail of her father’s life and times to unmask family secrets and lore, and in the process, expose generations of grief and loss that has stamped a pattern in her own life. Limina reminds us of all the ways and things we must let go, and that enduring love—for family, community and self—is at the end of every road home. Putsata Reang. Memoirist and Journalist