Welcome to My Vintage Blogs

The first group of blogs–The Road to Limina–were written in 2011 on my 7,000 mile road trip doing research on my family. This happened before I had even conceived of writing a memoir. I’ve included them because they offer information about where I went and what I saw much of which didn’t get into the book. I think they enrich the memoir and your sense of what the trip was like for me in a very personal way.

Travel Log—the second series of posts—were written as personal diaries. They detail a three month sojourn in England, Italy, and France taken in 2013. A wonderful trip to New York City in 2017. And then another batch from a trip to Italy in 2019 and one to Mexico that same year.

I love to take pictures and as far back at 2011 used my iPhones to record my travels. The pictures you see in these blogs are a record of my travels in their own light. I hope you enjoy them!

Alberta Weinberg