I’ve had a couple of low energy days–maybe a little bug–so have slept a lot–that and tea are my principle responses to a bug.  Yesterday, feeling a little more energetic, I walked down Cinco de Mayo and headed to the organic farmers market.  Didn’t see anything I had to take home so I decided to head back up hill and walk around the neighboring Colonia Guadiana. It and San Antonio where I’m living are trending upscale (says the real estate ads) but I would classify them as solidly middle and working class neighborhoods.  There are tours of the homes of the “rich and famous” which I might sign up for later in my stay..

What interests me is the delight in color here.  I think color is an inherent quality of Mexican life–perhaps even DNA.  I remember the Aztec high class had capes made from the colorful feathers of tropical birds.  So delight in color goes back a long way.  You just marvel at the streets lined in sherbet colors and more vibrant paint.  Most homes extend to the sidewalk–if there is one–sometimes there is an entry courtyard.  Of course what we can’t see are the lovely interior patios and roof top gardens that usually exist.  River and Luis’ home is a perfect example of that architecture.


Afternoon light in my bedroom

Buenas noches

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