It Sprinkled, Rained, Poured, and Thundered


I had my umbrella at the ready and continued along remembered streets Via dei Coronari being one of my favorites.


Of course I spent a lot of time looking into windows and dodging under overhanging lintels and awnings to escape the rain.




I crossed over to Via Giulia and then found my way to Via dei Banchi Vecchi where I dropped by my friend sculptor Pietro Simonelli’s studio.  Pietro is very talented and as handsome as ever.  Next visit I’ll take a picture of the 40 kilo bronze wing he made recently.

I stopped for a hot pot of tea–having been out in the rain now since 9:30–it was approaching noon.  I was tired and damp.  I headed back but not before the sky opened and dumped a drenching deluge.  Every taxi in Rome was stuffed with clients.  I stood and watched the rain pour down huddled under an overhang.  And made it back to the Hotel Portoghesi not too wet but chilled and tired.  I grabbed a sandwich and ate it in my little room.  Dry and warm.  A nap was in order.


Piazza Navona with the darkening overhead sky.


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  1. Rick says:

    Great reading and helpful tips about airport security. Still wondering why a beauty like you needs to spend mucho on creams/powders, etc. Or have I been deceived and your allure is BECAUSE of the potions. 🤔
    Fleeing the rain is a telling comment on a Seattlite. Maybe just unprepared in Rome. In Santa Barbara, we’d figuratively kill for a little rain and would be out dancing in it anywhere it came. ☔️ Looks all good from here.
    Are there hundreds of Americans who’ve wondered if there is a pizzeria somewhere named Pizza Navona? 🍕
    I want the photo of your ghostly window reflection just superimposed over the inside display dress like you are wearing it. 🙋‍♀️

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