Five Senses

The notion of satisfying each of our senses in any given day is something I aspire to experience.  So how did I do today?


I slept in a little and ate a really good breakfast Burrito.  But wait, there’s more in the taste department.  I wandered down Montague St. and took a seat at Pain Quotidian and ordered a Very large capuchino. Quite good. But the best thing of all was the late lunch I had at B Good.  A freshly prepared salad of quinoa, kale fresh veggies barely sautéed sprinkled with toasted garbanzos and pumpkin seeds. Really a feast. 


Not so good. A cacaphonous medley of sirens, car alarms, fire engines’ horns bleating, emergency vehicles braying and the usual human contributions to crowded streets. 


This was a stellar day. I heading to Pierpont St to the Brooklyn Historic Society. The beautiful 4- story brick Queen Anne style building was constructed in 1881. Thankfully it has survived. 

  • The second floor contains the Othmer Library. The collection is focused on materials pertinent to Brooklyn.   You can go there to do research utilizing the archives. 
  • The exhibit that most interested me were the photographs of David Attie. Mr Attie was sent on assignment to photograph a memoir Truman Capote was writing about the years he lived in Brooklyn Heights. They became friends just as the talented writer was on the cusp of celebrity. Capote lived in Brooklyn Heights–not far from where I’m staying. Attie went on to have a successful career as well. 


Coffee beans roasting, fresh bakery goods just out of the oven.  The mouthwatering aromas of Nathan’s hotdogs from a sidewalk vendor’s cart. Exhaust. 


Thus is my favorite sense. Today it was satisfied by a pedicure and a chair massage by a talented and energetic young woman–Jessie–at the Dashing Diva at 130 Montague St. 

When Michangelo Buonarroti painted God and Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel they were striving to touch finger to finger. Adam is yearning to make contact with the divine. We all do. However, we are earth bound and must take our pleasure in human touch as it is offered. 

Wishing you a wealth of joy in every sense!


  1. Donna Benaroya says:

    Sounds like a perfect day Alberta! Your tootsies look beautiful!

    Love Donna 😘

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thank you dear friend. Hope you are well!


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