OK. let me first say I’m writing with my thumbs. The other 8 digits are holding the phone. I bravely (stupidly) decided to leave the heavy Toshiba home so there you go!

I walked a lot today. I did more than five miles.   Leaving the Promenade behind I headed down to DUMBO under the Brooklyn Bridge and explored some nice shops such as the new Shinola shop. Very nice.  Go Detroit!

The area has done a great job pf restoring and repurposing old buildings like the one pictured which was once a warehouse.

Another find was the outpost of the Brooklyn Historic Society which has a brilliant photography exhibit of the changes in the waterfront from Red Hook to the the area under both bridges .

The main collection is on Pierpont St in Brooklyn Heights which I plan to visit tomorrow

At 3:30 I decided to call it a day  I got back to the condo hot and sticky.  Sweaty.    “Yes, Daddy, I know girls don’t sweat. Horses sweat, girls perspire!”    Well,  I was sweaty!  

I pulled off my shoes socks tee shirt shorts and bra and was grateful for the lovely breeze pouring through the window.  

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