Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights Day 1

Got up early and went out for a much needed walk. Too many hours sitting at SeaTac and on a plane. The comfortable condo perches on the heights looking at the spires  of a lovely old church. The nearby Promenade offers Lady Liberty the B Bridge and lower Manhattan all swept like confetti into your visual pathway. 

New Yorkers are so friendly and helpful. And the men flirt. Especially the ethnic Carribeans. Example:  “Adonde viene?”  One of the staff asked me in the little cafe where I ate breakfast on Montague Street. This place is filled with locals all talking loudly about the news the death of the young man tortured by the North Koreans and Trump’s latest shanigans. Clearly I was new to the neighborhood. 

“Seattle Washington. ” I replied.  ( I don’tknow how he knew I spoke Spanish. )

“Me lleva?” he responded. 

“Ahorita, no, pero mañana, quizás ” I said.  

Big smile and “Hasta mañana!”

So a great way to start a girl’s day. 


  1. Andrea Cohen says:

    I love Brooklyn heights and Montague Street strikes fond memories in my heart!

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    1. It’s beautiful. When were you here?


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