Karl Lagerfeld

paris arts decoratif and street 2013-09-18 025Our last night in Paris I dreamed of Karl Lagerfeld, the maestro of the house of Chanel. He strode about in my dream dressed in his usual snug black suit–but his shirt was fuschia not blinding white–and he had removed his ubiquitous dark glasses.  In the dream his eyes were warm brown and revealed a kind and amused man. Amused at the world in which he operates and amused at the conversation we were having. I haven’t ever dreamed about Karl Lagerfeld before.

We spent most of a day at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs.  One of the installations displayed pieces from a recent Chanel collection on manikins lounging upon priceless furniture from the museum’s collection.

paris arts decoratif and street 2013-09-18 021

Part of the display was a video of the presentation of that fall collection held at the Glass Palace in Paris which made a great impression on me. In person, the intricacies of the dresses were just as unbelievable as the inlay of tiny pieces of wood and ivory in the furniture or the elaborate gold paint on a mirror were.  The fabric of the clothing was made of sequins sewn so beautifully it appeared to be a solid piece of shimmering cloth.

paris arts decoratif and street 2013-09-18 019

The placement of the whimsical fashion collection with the priceless jewelry, furniture, ceramic, silver, glass and so on that makes up the permanent collection at the museum summarizes for me all that I love about Paris.

Sometimes the officious and imponderable workings of the French mind annoy or baffle me, but over all the whimsy and the desire to join new with old excites and thrills me.   This museum and its trompe l’oeil exhibition delighted me.  I think I can forgive a certain amount of rigidity if it’s leavened by humor and reverence for beauty.

paris arts decoratif and street 2013-09-18 014

This new red piece overlooks the principal entry hall of this wing of the Louvre which houses the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. Below they are preparing the hall for an event.
paris arts decoratif and street 2013-09-18 022

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  1. Hi dear Donna, thank you for your interesting comment. I’d love to see that photo if you can lay your hands upon it. What fun! Yes, it will be hard, but I hope and plan to create some of my own art to help me remember. I do love the beautiful and the fascinating things we see each day. Ravenna has magical mosaics and buildings. I’ll write about them shortly. Have you seen any of my pictures on Facebook?


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