Ode to the Tube

Mind the Gap

“Mind the Gap!”

I love the tube.

It’s clean and fast.

Nary a cig butt or candy wrapper can be seen.

The walls and floors, stairs and escalators are tidy.

How do they do that?

tube, 2013-08-06 003

“Mind the Gap.”

The Oyster Card is terrific, saves 50% off the fare

and the rides are not cheap

but then what else is there?

Big red double decker buses are fun but

caught in heavy London traffic they slow and start and stop

while below thousands zip from here to there in minutes.

“Mind the Gap!”

tube, 2013-08-06 006

You can ride from Cockfosters to Shephards Bush

from Mudchute to Canary Wharf to Elephant and Castle

and don’t forget Waterloo and Bakerloo.

“Mind the Gap!”

tube, 2013-08-06 002

The maps are numerous and easy to read,

the attendants kind and plentiful. They escort the

disabled to the platform they need,

and answer silly questions with equanimity.

No panhandlers, or hawkers, or spitters, no one shouting

their sad story walking from car to car asking for money.

So, hat’s off to this small land so clever and bright and

easy to understand and

“Mind the Gap!”

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