Curtain Rising

I’m sitting here in my comfortable chair before my large screen monitor listening to music and thinking this is all gonna change real soon.  I’ll be setting my MacBook up in small rooms on rickety tables with low skirts that my knees brush against at heights either too short or too tall with unreliable internet connections. 

We leave Wednesday.  All the prep and planning, errands, arrangements for papers, bills and mail will finally cease.  The airplane will take off and the curtain will rise on the new play.

My husband has just wrapped up a 38-year gig.  And now a new play is about to begin.  We don’t know the words or even the theme of this next performance.  All new lines, but some familiar “business.”  Both of us hope for fun, entertainment and new stuff.  It’s really time for new stuff. 

Almost two years ago I took a solo 7,000 mile cross-country driving trip.  During that trip I met a lot of new people and connected with family and friends.  I learned a lot about myself.  I learned a lot I’d forgotten and even more things I never knew.  All this has percolated over the past months and led me to try new work and new ways of being in the world.  Most recently I have written a book which I hope will be published. I have another in draft. I plan to write about interesting places and people on this trip, in addition to the blog. 

I have learned how much my mind and body thrive when I exercise hard and often.  I  have a wonderful community of friends who share this interest.  I enjoy being with them.  They are interesting and alive.  I have found that the combination of yoga, writing and meditation is very beneficial.  Finding a way to continue this on the trip will be both challenging and exciting. 

Reflecting on my recent life, I’ve come to some truths that I think are worth sharing: 

You cannot tell someone you care about “I love you” too many times.

Compliments are always appreciated.

Secrets and lies are poison.

Always say “thank you” upon receiving a gift.

Never give up your dream to enable someone else’s.

Find what you love and do it as often as you can.

Stay clear.  Keep your heart open.  Watch for synchronicity.  Ask for assistance.  Pay attention.

Everything you need and want is waiting for you.

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