Here’s What They Said

Driving to Monroe it was overcast, gray and raining. I had hoped to view the Transit of Venus in the afternoon.  With this weather there was slim to no chance of seeing the sun never mind Venus!  Ah, life in the Northwest!!

I noticed a neatly plowed plot of land waiting for seed as I drove to the TRU building where the training is housed.  I learned there is another garden that the inmates manage.  Compost for the gardens is made at the complex and used to fertilize the fields.  The produce ends up on the dinner table.  A great treat for the inmates!

Today was the next to last class of this session.  Lisa, Summit’s head trainer, asked the handlers to talk about their dog–what they liked; what characteristics they most appreciated.  Here’s what they said.

Hope has a sense of humor–she’s hyper smart and she snores!

Harper likes to train, she’s good natured, she’s affectionate, and smart.

Hyak is always happy, wants to learn, is very smart, playful and talkative!

Some of the men commented on characteristics that were less complementary: Hope is “Kong” crazy.  Harper will launch herself into the air for something.  But overall, a nice list of attributes from men who live in a small space with a lively dog and another person 24/7.

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