Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert

Yesterday in the 106 degree heat we drove about 20 miles down Highway 111 to see the newly opened museum and sculpture park.  The 8,400 square foot building was the Palm Desert Visitor Center and is now a well designed museum containing many interesting sculptures ranging from Rodin to Picasso including Red Lens (see previous post).  Much of the pieces have relocated from the Palm Springs Museum to this new home.

My favorite piece is Robert Therrien’s  “No Title.” A tower of stacked over-sized sage green soup bowls rising to 8 feet or so.  Each piece is stacked one upon another.  The stack appears a little wobbly–unevenly seated–but not yet toppling.  As you walk around the piece it seems to turn as you move.  When you stop it does.   It doesn’t really turn but the impression of movement is so real I became a little dizzy!

Outside you are delighted by the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden.  Undulating landscape beautifully enhanced by native species and sprinkled with delightful sculpture–with more to come.  A blue mosaic trail leads to an oasis of running, tumbling water cascading over large boulders and splashing into the pool.  Fabulous on a hot day just to hear the sound of water!  The Museum formed a partnership with the City to improve and enhance city-owned property for the garden which is open to the public for viewing and enjoying.

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