Mother’s Day

Since it’s Mother’s Day I thought I’d talk a little about Misty, Hope, Hyak, and Harper’s mom.   Misty’s proper name is Misty Mountain Labradors Miss Independence.  She was born in Woodinville, Washington in 2007.   I’ve worked with Misty and she is a sweetheart.  She is beautiful, gentle and very willing to work.   She is now living in Bethesda, Maryland and providing assistance dog work related to Walter Reed Hospital.  She works there with one of her daughters from another litter, Olive.  Click on the link below and learn more about her early years.  There’s a picture of her in the whelping box with the H litter pups!  The breeders and  owners, Toni Leitao and Lorraine Yu, of Misty Mountain gifted Misty and the H litter to Summit Assistance Dogs.  Five of the nine puppies were kept by Summit to train.  Two of the five, Hickory and Hero, were released and adopted.  Two the breeders kept.  Another was placed at the Assistance Dog Institute in California and another at Canine Assistance Network in Hawaii.

I am impressed by the generosity of Toni and Lorraine.  The value of each of the pups they breed is significant and yet they generously place them where they can ultimately bring joy and assistance to others.

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