Back by popular demand.  Well, a few people have asked “What happened to your blog?”  So here I am with more to say.  A week after I got home we drove to Portland for the Antique Expo.  Driving those 186 miles down from Seattle was so easy after routinely  knocking off 400-500 miles in one day for six weeks!

We usually attend this Antique Expo twice a year and find it a good show with dealers we’ve come to know and who have good stuff.  People always ask, “Where do you get all your stuff?”  I respond, “Wherever we go.”  It’s easy to find things to buy; much harder to find them at prices which will accommodate a mark-up and the additional 15%

outside Expo

cut the mall owner takes–not to mention paying rent for the space.  And the constant query from the buying public:  “Is that the best price?”  We have two spaces; one at Haystack in Bellevue and one at the venerable Pacific Galleries in Seattle.

You have to get up early–and get to the Expo by 8 a.m.  Then you scurry around hoping to score something great before the doors open.  Once the doors open everyperson is for her/himself.  The vendors are usually way out in front of the buyers and often scoop up some great stuff before we even get inside.  They’re not supposed to but “come on.”

Keeping in mind the season here’s some of what we saw, bought and then installed.

Colorful Nutcrackers

The next job is to load up everything, drive home, unload, clean, inventory and relaod, and drive to our spaces and merchandise and fluff the space.

Old black horse on rockers

Now we wait to see when the new items sell.  Hopefully quickly, but you never know.

Haystack with Big Red

I remembered while thinking about writing this post, that my dad once purchased some things at a garage sale.  They were signed sketches with the fabric swatches that Walter Plunkett had designed for Scarlett O’Hara‘s costumes in Gone with the Wind.   I don’t know what happened to those framed sketches but I do know they’d be worth a lot of money now expecially the one showing Scarlett’s famous green dress made from the family drapes!  Maybe I got my love of antiques from Dad!

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