Succat Shalom “A Shelter of Peace”

I believe in angels.  In fact, I wrote an article 20 years ago about encountering an angel which was published in Moment Magazine “Angel at Ostia” is the title as I recall.   On this trip I know that on numerous occasions angels helped me along the 7,000+ miles I’ve driven. I hope to be safely home by tomorrow evening but if any are hovering nearby, stick around, please.

I know that there were several occasions on this trip where I could have killed or been killed–or both–by vehicular homocide.   There was one instance traveling at rush hour with the setting sun blinding me when I was forced onto an off ramp I could not really see.  I’m convinced that something assisted me to the shelter of a bank parking lot.  Eventually two kind souls helped me get to shelter

The imagery of sheltering wings and a peaceful place has sustained me through some long and exhausting days.  There were also the angels who took human form like the couple in the Burlington Outlet parking lot where I had retreated from the freeways to seek directions.

I saw them exiting the store and approached them, first assuring them that I was not going to ask for bus money to San Francisco!  They chuckled and took me into their van, booted up their laptop, found directions, and then drove onto the freeway with me following until they signalled me to get off at the appropriate exit.

I think this trip has reinforced for me my feeling that people are mostly good and usually willing to help in almost any way they can.  I hope that I can live up to celestial expectations.

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