Marfa is my turn-around point.  My search for Dad’s places as I know them is complete; now to make sense of all that I have learned.  Processing this long journey full of facts, feelings, family, and friends will take longer than the trip.  There is still much to discover.  I feel sad to bring the odyssey to conclusion though I still have many more miles to cover before reaching Seattle.  Most of what lies before me will be fun and beautiful.

Marfa has been a delightful spot to settle in if only for one day which I spent relaxing and recovering from the 11 hour drive getting here.  I chose to take the roads which ran along the Rio Grande though one rarely sees it.  Twice stopped by border patrol stations I realized that I would not be able to really get close to the river.  Marfa is not far from the Big Bend Park which I want to see on another visit.  The landscape here is very beautfiul–high plateaus–some table top–others softly rounded with low trees and vegetation.  It is not as dry as I had thought it would be.

I’m staying at the Hotel Paisano which is really lovely.  The cast from Giant stayed here.  The hotel has had its ups and downs, but is now in very good repair!

Marfa is a big art center spurred by the Judd family who can take credit for saving the original buildings in the town.  Donald Judd, who died 15 years ago, established foundations which ensure that his home, art installations, and other properties are well cared for.  Tours are available.

Then there are the Marfa Lights.  I didn’t see them but I hear they’re a mystery unsolved by scientists try though they may.

I leave tomorrow for Albuqueque–another long haul–concluding at Congregation Albert for Kol Nidre services.  Balloons on Sunday!

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