Platt River Valley

Today was more of the same featuring cattle, corn and wheat.  The fields were greener, trees were taller and leafier; there was a breeze and big blue skies.  I stopped at a rest stop on the North Platt River west of Kearney, Nebraska.  I found this installation oddly moving.  The pioneers traveling west went along what is today’s highway 80–the one I’ve been on–following the North Platt River.

Here you see the actual ruts from their wagons preserved in the sod.  There are wheel-forms bound in iron placed in the ruts to remind us of the actual size of the wagons the people had with everything they owned on board.  I paused to digest this as I sailed along the interstate at 75 miles per hour.  Having spent the last three days traveling over 1,200 miles I appreciate what the pioneers did–I marvel at what they did!

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