Slogging Along

I left Ogden at 10 this morning and arrived in Cheyenne at 5:30.  The trip was uneventful except for getting a speeding ticket outside of Rawlings, Wyoming.  It is Labor Day weekend after all and the WHP were out in force.  After I got my ticket I noticed a few miles later someone else pulled over.  The people here drive like bats out of hell and believe me every other person is exceeding the speed limit by at least 10 miles.  I was trying to pass two trucks which were going slowly up a grade and accelerated to pass them.  Bingo.  He got me!

The most exciting part of the day was crossing the Continental Divide.  That tells you a lot!  Scenic it’s not.  Lots of sagebrush and low hills, vast amounts of acreage turned over to sheep and cattle.  Rarely see a home or a person from the highway.

The road stretches into the distance like a conveyer belt.  I’ve never seen so many container trucks in my life.  They move in herds–rectangular, long and big; sometimes a tanker comes along to break up the monotony.  Where are all these “goods” headed?

I did have Jack K. to keep me company again along with his pal, Dean Moriarty, and the gang.  Whooeeeee!  Wow!  EEEEEawwww!

Tomorrow is another 400+ mile day ending in Lincoln.  It will be my last really long day until the Texas piece  but that’s weeks away!!

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